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Meat, meat and more meat.

Beef Village in Woodstock lives up to its name, offering a range of meat dishes, and even alternatives, to pair with a wide variety of sides and desserts.

Located at 1125 N. Seminary Ave., the family-owned Beef Village offers fresh ingredients “made to order,” according to its menu, offering customers their food the way they like it, whether it’s juicy, dry, or soaked. .

I took a trip there on a recent weekday for lunch. The offerings were vast, from burgers and cheesesteaks to Italian sausages, beef and chicken.

For an appetizer, I ordered a basket of chicken fillets ($6) to start. The order came with five tenders, which were crispy, but still juicy inside. They almost looked like chicken fingers, which makes them easy to snack on.

Then I turned my attention to the main course, a cheesesteak called Philly Steak ($8), served on French bread with a side of waffle fries. Generously portioned, the steak was succulent and paired well with the peppers and melted mozzarella.

Not to be outdone, the waffle fries ($3) were crispy and contrasted well with the meat. Salted just right, like the chicken strips, it was easy to get lost. Before I knew it, I had eaten almost all of them.

The Philly Steak, with peppers and mozzarella stuffed in a French bun, served with waffle fries.

To complete my lunch, there was an Italian sausage ($7). On the surface, it looked plain, but it had a tremendous punch. It arrived on a thick roll.

The Italian sausage offers a light touch of spice.

Beyond what I ordered, the restaurant specializes in several different types of food, such as a variety of gyros (ranging from $7-$8). They also highlight the chicken, serving a chicken breast sandwich ($6). Salads, burgers and seafood are other options.

Entrees are a tantalizing laundry list and include several types of fries, pizza puffs ($4), a bowl of chili ($3), fried pickles ($5) and mushrooms ($6).

The restaurant celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and notes that team members take pride in their homemade Italian beef, prepared from premium certified beef cooked on site. They take the time to slice each piece by hand for the family recipe with au jus. It is served on a freshly cut Turano roll, with a choice of toppings.

After finishing your meal, return to the counter for dessert. They serve shakes (from $4), ice cream (from $2), baklava ($5), and seasonal pies (a slice for $3).

All around our food was excellent. With a variety of choices, meat and non-meat items all cooked to order, Beef Village has something for everyone. You can’t go wrong stopping in for a meal.

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OR: 1125 North Seminary Avenue, Woodstock

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