Asia Asia Asia, with its exhaustive buffet only, is a must visit


A delicious pan-Asian spread at Asia Asia Asia

If you wanted a buffet with an extensive and exotic menu but also easy on your pocket, then simply go to Asia! Asia! Asia! Street BBQ and buffet at Sector V in Salt Lake. Experience pan-Asian flavors at the 111-seat restaurant that replicates the vibe of Southeast Asian streets with its pop colors, neon signs and regional Asian music.

Asia Asia Asia
interiors of asia asia asia

The buffet-only restaurant with an array of over 40 dishes includes a live grill at every table. Now that makes it an irresistible deal. Located in the same building that houses the popular Rang De Basanti Dhaba joint, the outlet reflects Abhimanyu Maheshwari’s love of culinary art. The young foodpreneur, who owned Barf Pani Soda on Park Street, tells us: “The menu covers street food from mainly eight countries, namely Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia. One can also find some Burmese and Cambodian dishes from time to time.


We started our gastronomic journey with an eclectic range of very hot grilled dishes from Robayataki or the traditional Japanese charcoal grill. We loved the umami flavors of the tangy chicken wings topped with Teriyaki sauce. His vegetarian version with potato wedges was also delicious. Other options include Bangkok Pork Belly, Indonesian Fish Satay, and Sweet Chilli Siracha Corn on the Cob.

Asia Asia Asia
An assorted platter of Asian Asian ravioli

Make sure you don’t gorge yourself on the deliciousness of the grill and save room for entrees and desserts. There are scorching dumplings like spinach and corn Sui Mai and seafood dumplings in addition to the fluffy bao and we loved the chicken satays with a dreamy pink hue and sweet undertones. Starters were very spicy and we enjoyed the Sichuan Fiery Red Chilli Chicken and Sea Food Pad Cha, a Thai style seafood stir fry cooked with basil and herbs.

japanese grill
Japanese grills

Leaving aside the soups, we sampled a lamb in black bean sauce from the main course and paired it with classic pad thai noodles. Chicken Khao Tod, a crispy and fragrant Lao-style chicken rice cooked in a clay pot on the Robata grill is a must. From dessert spreads, Chilli Brownie and Dorayaki, a Japanese pancake sandwich with sweet red bean filling is drool-worthy. But the star of this section was the assortment of Mochi ice cream. Colorful and indulgent, this soft and sticky rice ball topped with ice cream is only available at this address in town.

Asia Asia Asia

Price per person: Veg Rs 650+ and Non-veg Rs 750+

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