A man threw a glass of wine at his girlfriend and at BIT restaurant during a dinner party


A man threw a glass of wine at his girlfriend, punching her in the face before biting another diner during a celebratory meal that ‘turned sour’. Michael Davey, 22, and his partner were dining at Hysop restaurant in Glossop after getting a new job and she got a job interview.

However, the couple began to argue, with Davey’s girlfriend acting “angry and unsettled” before leaving the restaurant, Minshull Street Crown Court heard. She then returned and was still “enraged”, a judge said.

Davey reacted violently by picking up a glass of wine and throwing it, prosecutor Andrew Molloy said. He would later claim that his intention was simply to throw the glass, but it was thrown with such force that it hit his partner in the face, causing numerous cuts.

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Other guests, whose nights were said to have been “completely ruined” by the couple’s behavior, tried to intervene to try to calm things down. A man who tried to hold him down was bitten on the thumb by Davey, which broke his skin and caused him to bleed.

“He received hepatitis B injections and tetanus injections which caused him distress, anxiety and affected his mental health,” Mr Molloy said. Another man also sustained bruises to his arm during the melee.

Her partner did not provide a personal victim statement and was ‘reluctant to discuss what happened’ with police. It was said that Davey had no previous convictions or cautions on record against him.

In mitigation, attorney Daniel Calder said Davey wanted to apologize to his partner, the victims and everyone in the restaurant for his “appalling and very scary behavior”. He said his client had experienced grief in his immediate family and he had experienced grief and trauma.

“Efforts have been made to seek professional advice to understand the underlying issues in his behavior.” He said Davey moved to Manchester for a new job three years ago and was then offered a managerial position at a new company, and so he and his girlfriend came out to celebrate.

“The couple intended to celebrate, they both drank more than they should have. He has not yet informed his employers of the procedure, but his intention is to inform them, ”added M Calder.

During sentencing, Judge Bernadette Baxter said the evening was meant to be a “celebration for both of them”, but for “unclear reasons the atmosphere turned sour”. “It must have been obvious to anyone listening to this case that this type of violence that escalated so quickly in a public place, an authorized premises, where alcohol was involved, crosses the threshold of detention.”

The judge said she felt able to suspend the sentence due to mitigating factors. Davey, of Stanyforth Street, Hadfield, pleaded guilty to two counts of ABH and one count of assault by battery. He was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years, 25 days of rehabilitation activities and a 90-day alcohol treatment program. He must also pay compensation of £500 to the victim who was bitten.

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