A Karen’s Diner, where rudeness is encouraged, opens in Manchester


A deliberately rude American-style restaurant is heading to Greater Manchester, encouraging customers to go ‘full Karen’.

Karen’s Diner, a concept launched in Australia, is staffed by rude waiters and promises terrible customer service.

The interactive restaurant concept invites its customers to “complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care”.

Dinner reservations are open now ahead of its launch later this spring.

Karen’s name has become a slang term for an unnecessarily unreasonable and demanding person.

And while the past few years have been tough for anyone born as a true Karen, Karen’s Diner hopes to soften the blow by offering a free drink to all Karens.

Their website says, “Our staff are rude, our manners are non-existent, and we’re the place for Karen everywhere to vent their anger and dismay at the world.

“Come on, ask the director… WE DARE YOU.”

The cathartic experience, where you can leave your Ps and Qs at the door, also serves “pretty badass burgers and spicy AF wings.”

The menu includes burgers like “The I Want to See the Manager Karen” (two beef patties topped with cheese, bacon, pickles and BBQ mustard sauce) and “Karen’s Got Real Beef” (simmered BBQ beef brisket, bacon and coleslaw).

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The Vegan Karen includes a plant-based patty and vegan cheese, while the Oktoberfest Karen features a plant-based schnitzel.

Karen’s Bits on the Side offers beef brisket fries, sweet potato wedges and onion rings.

The concept has already opened in Sheffield but will head to Prestwich in May.

You can do a reservation at Karen’s Diner through OpenTable now.

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