12 steakhouse secrets you can use at home


Many steakhouse chains today, such as Ruth’s Chris, use infrared broilers with their steaks to ensure extremely high temperatures and even heat distribution. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of such kitchen equipment at home. There’s no need to despair, however, as many chefs swear by pan frying their steaks. And many of them recommend using cast iron pans. Chef Steve Doucakis said Michelin Guide that he uses cast iron pans because they retain the heat, which ensures good searing and caramelization. Since cast iron is a dense metal, it also ensures even heat distribution. This, in turn, results in an evenly cooked and browned steak (via Food). Last but not least, for best results, veteran British chef Kevin B. Thomson recommends that the pan be “very hot, but not smoking”.

Another popular steak preparation method with some chefs is upside-down cooking. The award-winning chef behind The Food Lab column at serious eating, J. Kenji López-Alt swears by this recipe. The cooking method involves slowly roasting the meat in the oven until desired tenderness, then searing the steak in a “very hot” cast iron skillet. “By starting the steaks in a low oven, you end up with almost no overcooked meat… [Then] when we sear a piece of meat, our goal is to create a crispy, dark browned crust to contrast with the tender, pink meat underneath,” López-Alt proclaims.


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